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We opened an AWL store for sale of wholesale bulk CBD and minor cannabinoid products solely to groups and small businesses, as well as R&D chemists. American White Labels Sales can help you with major volume purchases. Keep in touch.

HEmp gummies

Vegan Hemp Gummies | Broad Spectrum – Full Spectrum – Isolate | Bulk Gummies

Hemp Isolate

97% + Hemp Derived CBGa Isolate

AWL Recovery Tinctures

CBD, CBG, CBC + Anti - Inflammatory Herbs

Broad Spectrum CBD Distillate

80-85% CBD + 5% minors - Non-Detecable THC

White & Private Label Branding

Build Confidence in Your Own Brand

Whether we are launching a new brand or enhancing an existing one, our team of outstanding CBD manufacturers provide a wide variety of CBD products that help our customers with creating memorable merchandise.

The leaders in quality and compliance

AWL ensures that the goods we sell ensure our customer's safety from start to finish, acquiring all required documentation and solving common areas where our goods might need compliance.

The American WHite Label Story

Our AWL crew consists of team members from a variety of backgrounds and with experience in CBD for many years, so we're able to help brand your ideas throughout the product development process or until the product is packaged.

With the growing CBD market, We're well positioned to scale up. we examine our success by means of client pleasure and expectations and will continue to learn about the CBD goals you present, supplying competitive pricing, full accountability, and most importantly ensuring every customer receives constant top-grade CBD.

Transparency, Traceability, Consistency

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Custom Blends

Still looking for your perfect blend?

American White Label can bring your CBD concept to life with our custom blending services.

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