• Jim Tucker


    I purchased a kilo of CBD Isolate and a kilo of Full Spectrum Distillate for my store. I had both tested at a local lab that I work with. Both samples passed and are high quality product. I received fast shipping, great high quality product and fast response to a question that I had. I look forward to doing more business with this company. In the photo the distillate is crystallized and that is common with high quality distillate. You simply warm it up to liquify it. You can then add to a carrier oil to dilute for tincture, vaping or whatever other use that you decide on. I highly recommend American White Label.
  • Colby Moore


    American White Label has got some great quality hemp flower with prices just as good. They were fast to answer any questions I might have had along with fast shipping. Its all the qualities of a hemp company you would want . Their strain hulk has helped my Parkinson's with my tremors and shakes. Now I need to try one of their indica for insomnia
  • Sean Stafford


    After trying out 3 or 4 well known names in the industry, I finally (thankfully) I found AWL and haven't looked back since. Just received my 9th order and I couldn't be happier. I've been beyond impressed with the various flowers I've ordered and so far... No one can beat the prices. The Staff is on point, great communicators... wealth of knowledge, but more importantly.. If they don't have the answer, they'll get it. Learn from my mistakes and look no further for your hemp flower needs. Keep up the great work!
  • Marie


    Best cbd flower I've tried. Lifter is my favorite! Anytime I'm tired and need a pick me up, energy to get things done or working on a project where I need to focus keenly and make progress, Lifter works great for me. And my deliveries are always prompt!
  • Lance Smith


    I got Afghani Kush and it is a beautiful flower! It has a very nice nose to it. Kind of piney with a nice light earthy aroma. It smoked really well too, nice and smooth and flavorful. Great customer support and service and that's just as important as how the flower is. Only thing that would have made it better is if the flower wasnt so dry. All I have to do is squeeze the flower and it crumbles away. Otherwise very pleased and will definitely be returning.
  • Philip Hammons


    Decent hemp flower at an excellent price. I have been happy with both of my purchases with American White Label CBD.
  • Sean Nickell


    great products... i recieved some sour space and bubba kush today...both smelt and tasted amazing!!!! fast delivery..and perfect effects...cant wait to try other products..will definantly recommend to my friends very relaxing and helped with pain.
  • Jair Guzman


    I ordered 3oz 1-stormy daniels, 1 sour space, and the bubba kush they were all great. Better quality than anything ive ordered from any other cbd companies. Will definitely be buying again. And great customer service.
  • Chris Bolin


    Love the product that is provided from this company. I have always loved to smoke; not to get high; but for the benefits that this plant provides.The product that is being produced here has allowed me to feel relief from pain without feeling that I cannot think clearly; like most TCH products.I have suffered from insomnia for many years and have searched for a solution to help me sleep soundly through the night.I am happy to say that a few puffs of American White Label CBD flower allowed me to sleep through the night with no after effects whatsoever.The benefits of this product are substantial and should be celebrated.
  • Joseph Martin


    If you are looking to buy CBD at wholesale prices do not look anywhere else because this is the company you want to work with. They value integrity and they are founded by two really amazing veterans in the industry.They are efficient, reliable, and provide me with great customer service.
  • Preston Money


    10/10 Customer service Co-OwnerMatthew Brandow Has a no hassle approach to solving any issues with orders. Friendly and prompt
  • Bill Mooney


    Used some of this to make a VG Tincture (or infusion if you prefer). I also decarbed it in a water bath so all of the terpines remained. The taste was great, with the berry taking the front and a bit of sour cherry on the finish for both vape and sublingual. While it doesn't knock me out like my THC based tincture does, it does "Relax the Back" (sorry, had to do it) enough for me to move around during the day while being mostly pain free. I would highly recommend Sweet Wife.
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