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Wholesale Bulk CBD & Custom Formulation Services

Based in Denver, Colorado, American White Label supplies Global CBD solutions. We are known for delivering high-quality, consistent bulk CBD oils. Our extraction lab and facility in Colorodo produces a variety of high-quality, Colorodo-grown CBD oils. We are able to provide third-party testing on all of our products.

We've been producing distinct hemp formulations that meet your company's unique needs for years. If you need help deciding what product to utilize, our professional staff members and experienced lab scientists will be happy to help.

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Private Label CBD Solutions

We offer a number of meticulously finished products, cutting-edge element solutions, and avant-garde delivery techniques. Our private label service is a smoothly connected chain of CBD-products created in the US with state-of-the-art facilities.

Family Owned & Operated

We are a family-owned and operated company that's focused upon completing every step of the process. We are committed to offering the retail market with consistent supply and fair service. We're enthusiastic about interacting with your CBD goals, verifying reasonable prices, product inheritance, and compounding this order all across our customer.


Our Products

THC Free

Grown in the USA


Our wholesale CBD products are available for order quantities starting at 1kg or more. Looking for a smaller volume? Visit American White Label Store.


Our full spectrum compliant CBD oils, or THC-compliant (with .3 THC), contain minor cannabinoids and are a suitable solution for a number of CBD applications.

Broad spectrum non-detectable oils

Our method of THC remediation allows us to retain various THC atoms while making sure no THC will come through, which makes our products appropriate for all sectors.

Hemp Terpenes

Compounds that deliver the distinctive scent of particular varieties of hemp are know as HEMPTERPENES.

Our NANO Technology products are unmatched.

AWL nano technology is a naturally self-assembling delivery system for all kinds of cannabis and hemp formulations throughout the body. With our delivery system, you get a scientifically precise measure of nanodroplets, between 50 and 100 nanometers, with an optimal size for maximum bioavailability. The science behind our product is backed by test results.

EVENLY distributes resources, fully testable, third party assurance COAs.


AWL operates with a global footprint via its partnership with Pharma Hemp, one of the most successful Hemp businesses in Colorado.