What is the Best Way to Take CBD?

When it comes to how you take CBD, there are plenty of options! The form you choose will depend on the benefits you’re looking for, your lifestyle, and your personal preference. Here are some of the most common forms of taking CBD and their benefits: 


CBD oil is one of the most common forms of hemp. The oil is extracted from the hemp plant and typically combined with natural terpenes for flavoring. Many choose oils and tinctures because they can be easily added to food and drinks, or placed directly under the tongue. While you can receive some benefits when added to food or drinks, the CBD can become diluted and lose some of its potency. If you choose CBD oil, placing a few drops directly under your tongue is the quickest, more effective way of consumption. 

CBD Capsules

CBD capsules pack the benefits of hemp in a small, digestible form. The benefits of CBD capsules are that they’re discrete and convenient. You can take CBD capsules just like you would any other vitamin either in the morning or at night. One of the downsides to capsules is that you won’t receive the benefits right away, as the capsule will need to go through your digestive system first. 

CBD Edibles 

Edibles make for a tasty way to consume CBD! CBD can be infused into candy, granola bars, shakes, and even gum. This is a great method for those who can’t tolerate the flavor of CBD oil directly under their tongue and is a popular option for the outdoorsy, traveling type. Like capsules, the downside is that your body will need time to process the CBD before you see the effects. 

CBD Flower 

One of the most effective ways to consume CBD is to smoke it. When you vape or smoke, the CBD is absorbed directly into your bloodstream through the lungs. This allows you to see some immediate effects. While vaping still remains popular, there are often several chemicals added to vape oil that can be harmful to your health. By smoking CBD flower from a trusted supplier that uses 100% natural ingredients, you’ll be left with the relaxing, pain-relieving benefits that hemp is known for. 

At American White Label CBD, we offer hemp flower that is locally grown and 100% natural for the safest, most effective smoking experience. Check out our flower line to learn more.

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