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Relaxed Waves CBD Pre-Rolls

Bubba Kush CBD 1 gram Pre-Rolls


11.26% CBD | 14.29% Total Cannabinoids | Indica-dominant | Terpene profile: Peppery, citrus, herbal

  • Pure bud and NO trim/shake
  • Preserved in air-tight tubes
  • 100% high-quality CBD hemp flower
  • Grown locally in Denver, CO
  • Less than 0.3% delta9 THC
  • Lab tested for purity and compliance

Product Description

Sit back, light up and let your troubles float away with this indica-dominant CBD pre-roll made from the legendary CBD strain Bubba Kush. Those who use Bubba Kush frequently tend to swear by it and it has a worldwide following due to its reputation for delivering an instant and powerful wave of relaxation. Some users describe its effects as almost tranquilizing and many people say smoking Bubba Kush provides an overwhelming sense that everything is going to be okay. It’s a great option to smoke at the end of the day or before bed and it’s known to help with chronic pain and insomnia. Smoking Bubba Kush is a rich sensory experience due to its deep, earthy aroma and
sweet, fruity flavor hits.

Additional Information


Single – $7, 5 Pack – $25 ($5.00 per), 15 Pack – $60 ($4.00 per), 25 Pack – $95 ($3.80 per), 100 Pack – $350 ($3.50 per), 250+ Pack – $625 ($2.50 per)

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Buy One Get One

Bubba Kush CBD

Relaxed Waves CBD Pre-Rolls