What is the Entourage Effect?

What is the Entourage Effect?

What is the Entourage Effect?

The news that Entourage Effect Capital, Dallas is now projected to double to almost 40 billion USD by the year 2025 is befuddling for two reasons to a layman. One, comprehending the magnitude of success and fame that a small business from Dallas is quite a challenge itself. Second, the term entourage effect doesn’t make any sense to a person who is not connected to the cannabis industry in any capacity. It is this second reason that we are more concerned with, in this brief.

Simplifying Entourage Effect for You

A mechanism that explains the synergistic action of cannabis compounds, the entourage effect is one of the most important concepts in the cannabis curriculum. Before we jump into further details, it is pertinent to mention that THC i.e. tetrahydrocannabinol, the key psychoactive cannabis compound, is not explained via the entourage effect.

Coming back to the entourage effect

The term was first introduced back in the late ’90s. But what is the entourage effect in simpler words? We explain it in the following lines.

If you are on this page by choice, chances are high that you are already familiar with some of the magical effects of the cannabis plant. Skipping the myth vs. fact debate, let us focus on the real question. What makes the plant so magical in the first place? A combinatorial effect of all the understood key cannabinoids except THC would be an appropriate answer here. This sum of all cannabinoids concept is essentially what the entourage effect explains. The phenomenon is considered a cannabinoid system modulator and is believed to be quite crucial in the achievement of cannabis analgesic effects.

When it comes to cannabis, we are still far away from a point where everything can be said with absolute certainty.

Whether it is the effects or the way this plant affects our body, the need for extensive research before claiming something will always be there as far as cannabis is concerned. Critical reviews on the entourage effect have been published in recent years, of which, the one published in 2020 is the most intriguing one. The review established that the phrase entourage effect was coined as a marketing strategy to boost the cannabis products sale. That it has any sound scientific basis is an unfounded statement itself. The review was published in Expert Review of Clinical Pharmacology and to quote it, suggested a better term for entourage effect i.e. “hodge-podge hashish”.

It is important to understand the entourage effect and then dub it a myth or a fact for several reasons.

For one, this will help cannabis researchers establish the cause-effect relationship of individual cannabinoids with more clarity. For another, if this effect does get the scientific community’s backing in the years to come, it will be nothing short of ground-breaking. More and more avenues that lead to cannabinoid research will be opened automatically, which will ultimately benefit those who are in distress and seek relief (or pleasure) by smoking marijuana. Many research groups in the USA, and worldwide are currently focusing on a better understanding of the phenomenon. Every reason to believe something exciting might happen in the future!

Of course, the quality of weed used in these research studies matters a lot as well.

The ultimate results of a study can turn out to be seriously misleading if the weed used is of inferior quality. Many of the wonderful effects that are associated with the cannabis plant will simply vanish in thin air if a compromise on quality is made. Putting trust in cannabis sellers like the American White Label CBD can prove instrumental in experiencing the entourage effect in its truest experience. Doing that will perhaps give readers different headlines in 5-10 years, who knows!


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