Is It Game Over for Delta-8 THC?

Is It Game Over for Delta-8 THC?

Is It Game Over for Delta-8 THC?

After experiencing a grand high in its demand, Delta-8-THC is now going through a rather unprecedented low. This sudden dip in demand has stemmed from the concerns expressed by large-scale cannabis producers regarding the intoxicants used in the manufacturing of Delta-8 THC. Alarm bells were rung after dangerous intoxicants and metals like lead and arsenic were found in the samples analysed by groups like the US Cannabis Council trade group.

Often dubbed as THC light, Delta-8 THC closely resembles its cannabinoid-cousin, i.e., Delta-9 THC.

The reasons behind Delta-8 THC’s popularity are several; for one, it is easy to make, all one needs is some CBD, battery acid, and vinegar to produce this compound that is remarkably identical to marijuana; for another, it produces psychological and physiological effects that are quite similar to THC. The fact that Delta-8 THC has evaded federal scrutiny is primarily thanks to the befuddling ambiguities prevalent in the federal laws when it comes down to cannabis regulation.

A change in this approach is on cards though.

The helplessness expressed by healthcare professionals in cases of Delta-8 THC overdose is now proving to be an instrumental factor in amplifying voices demanding a blanket ban on the Delta-8 THC. According to the interim CEO of the US Cannabis Council Steve Hawkins, FDA’s role will be crucial in this regard. The legal cushion provided by ambiguities in the Farm Bill has allowed Delta-8 THC’s sale across the country in places like gas stations and smoke shops. Legislation that counters this countrywide sale of Delta 8-THC will undoubtedly need to address these loopholes.

The reports of intoxicants and metals found in Delta-8 THC have been perceived as worrying news by large-scale cannabis producers.

It’s bad for the business is what most of the business owners dabbling in this world have to say when asked for a comment. A major percentage of them fear that this rogue boy i.e. Delta-8 THC will tarnish the wonder drug profile of medical marijuana to a damaging extent. It took years of debates, scientific research, and legislation to reach the breakthrough point at which the cannabis industry stands today. Certain incompetent home brewers cannot be allowed to wash all the good work down the drain.

It remains to be seen whether a complete ban on Delta-8 THC will help alleviate the fears that are swirling in the minds of large-scale cannabis producers.

Of course, there are other options like regulation as well, but regulating the Delta-8 THC’s production at the domestic level can prove to be quite a tedious challenge. Companies with bigger stakes in the business will be more than willing to comply with quality ensuring regulations. But, it is the substance produced in a home that is low-grade but sells like wildfire. Keeping this point in mind, the future for Delta-8 THC does seem bleak at this date and time.

Putting trust in only those companies that abide by the quality standards, and abstain from using any inferior quality materials altogether is one route still open for anyone who wants to save Delta-8 THC’s fast-declining repute.

Delta-8 THC gummies are the most popular form in which this substance is consumed. Taking gummies as an example, purchasing them from a seller like the American White Label CBD that pays attention to the tiniest of the details sounds like a sane idea. Any company that extracts Delta-8 THC from industrial hemp following a carefully controlled procedure can be entrusted with the task of keeping Delta-8 THC products on the shelf for a little longer. If more and more companies follow the high standards set by American White Label CBD, things can certainly improve for Delta-8 THC in the future.

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