CBD is just one of over 100 unique cannabinoids in the cannabis plant. And while we are extremely, extremely passionate about CBD – it’s I mean, literally in our name – that doesn’t mean we’re blind to the potential effects of other cannabinoids. We’re extremely proud to carry premium White Rhino CBG. But what exactly makes our CBG strain different from our CBD strains?  

Well, marijuana really is the plant that keeps on giving. We’re all pretty familiar with the two most popular cannabinoids, THC and CBD, and the vast range of health and wellness benefits that they offer. But researchers are just beginning to explore the effects of cannabigerol, or CBG, and the early signs are showing it may have impressive effects of its own.  

CBG exists as cannabigerolic acid (CBGA) in the raw cannabis plant. Taking CBGA through the decarboxylation process results in CBG. But that’s just one process CBGA makes possible. It also helps form other cannabinoids, like cannabidiolic acid, which is transformed into the iconic CBD, as well helping to form THC itself.  

Because CBGA is used for multiple processes in the marijuana plant, there’s not a lot of it left to turn into CBG. It’s usually found in trace concentrations of less than one percent in most hemp strains. But even though it only shows up in small doses, it’s starting to garner some serious attention.  

Like CBD, CBG has no intoxicating or psychoactive effects, so it won’t get you high. But it could help with your state of mind. Scientists are only starting to quantify its exact effects, but early studies have suggested it may have powerful impacts on alleviating anxiety and depression. Other studies suggest it may help with diabetes, inhibit the growth of tumors, help treat inflammatory bowel disease and have anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial and anti-oxidant properties. Its anti-bacterial effects are thought to be so strong that CBG is being viewed as an effective way to treat MRSA outbreaks. Multiple studies have suggested it can also act as a neuroprotectant and help with neurodegenerative diseases, like Huntington’s. Like CBD, it’s also likely to counteract the effects of THC.  

Unlike CBD, early studies indicate that CBG may be extremely helpful in treating glaucoma. This is important, because while THC helps patients with glaucoma, CBD does not, so CBG might offer the best of both worlds – a way to use cannabis to treat glaucoma without intoxication.  

It may be under explored currently, but CBG has already demonstrated some pretty crazy potential. We fully expect more research to be done into the power of this mother of all cannabinoids, as well as to see more and more CBG products start to hit the shelves. Get a jump on bringing CBG to the world and try some White Rhino for yourself. Order here today.

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