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Amazon’s Call for Weed Legalization Sends Pot Lovers/Haters into a Flurry of Emotions has openly expressed its support in the favor of cannabis legalization at the federal level.

The first Tuesday of June 2021 has brought news that might prove to be the ultimate game-changer for the world of weed. has openly expressed its support in the favor of cannabis legalization at the federal level. The e-commerce giant has also announced the dropping of weed testing for some recruitments. According to Dave Clarke, the head of Amazon’s worldwide consumer office, this move comes in light of recent changes in the state laws across the USA.

The Marijuana Opportunity Reinvestment and Expunged Act of 2021 (MORE Act) behind which Amazon is throwing its weight has two important points.

One is, of course, the legalization of marijuana at the federal level. The second point concerns those who have been convicted on cannabis drug charges. The proposed act suggests the clearing of criminal records for such convicts. Dave Clarke hopes more and more multinational companies express their support for this act, as this will help the policymakers reach a decision more quickly. It is pertinent to mention here that weed is already legalized in Washington, where the Amazon headquarters are situated.

The fact that this decision on Amazon’s part has opened up an intense debate is hardly surprising.

Millions of weed lovers, as well as haters, use this e-commerce platform daily. Amazon putting its weight in the favor of the aforementioned legalization is perceived as a sign of things to come. Many believe that we are not far off from a point where Amazon will start selling weed online as well. This is exactly the reason why this news has been hailed as a bit of a game-changer. The fact that weed might now be available with the same ease of access as a pair of heels has provoked both criticism and applause at the same time. Those who have had a hard time laying their hand on some of this amazing stuff are finally heaving a sigh of relief. Better days have finally come is the summary of their response to this remarkable development.

On the other hand, this development has been hit with legitimate criticism and concern as well.

A major percentage of weed critics is all for its medicinal use at a limited scale. But the idea of thousands of boxes containing weed in one form or another is a little disturbing for many of the weed critics. Will, and if so, how will Amazon ensure regulation? This is the politest inquiry on their part. To be fair, this is a platform that has fired its employees in the past for testing positive for marijuana use. This sudden change in the policy is likely to be subject to further critical debate in the coming days.

The repute that Amazon has earned in the last few years or so has not been the result of some overnight magic.

Methodical stringency has been a key feature of this platform’s quality assurance standards. Ensuring only premium quality weed is sold via this platform is the biggest challenge that awaits in the future. Of course, if more and more reliable pot sellers are granted access to this platform, it will not be that big a challenge. Companies who purchase only premium quality stuff from sellers like American White Label CBD are likely to excel more on this platform, and in the process, make the idea of selling weed on Amazon a successful one. It all seems like a big game of chance at this stage, but one certain thing is the fact that this is the most interesting development in ecommerce in recent years.

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